Multi-Story Safe Moving

Upstairs/Downstairs Installations require specialized gun safe moving equipment to maintain a high level of safety as well as the integrity of the customers’ home: stairs, the staircase, as well as all types of flooring, including carpeting, wood, and tile.

SafesPro uses special stair-climbers to move a 900lb safe into a basement. Notice the custom-built landing extension crafted by our safe moving specialists in order to rotate the safe into the basement itself. There was an additional obstacle in the form of a low ceiling that is just out of the picture that created the need for the landing extension. Our team tilted the safe safely under the ceiling and lowered it onto our lower platform, then onto our specialized moving dolly. The attention to detail and personalization we put into this particular move reflects the care we give to each customer and their safe moving experience.

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One of our most extensive jobs to date. Here our professional safe movers are installing a 900lb Liberty Safe. This job was termed “Mission Impossible” due to several other companies turning down the job saying “That safe will never fit where you want to put it”. After a evaluation appointment with our customer we reviewed all avenues to the final location and determined that the job, although difficult, could be accomplished with our equipment and knowledge. We made a final appointment for the following week and made our plan. The below pictures will give you a overview of what was needed to accomplish the safe move safely, without damage to the safe, property or personnel. In the end we had an installed safe and a very happy customer.